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Jul 01, 2020Carly Abelman
How to Make your Makeup Last All Day!
As we continue to adjust to new changes, wearing a face mask has been one of them. Areas across the country are required to wear masks to avoid transmitting Covid-19. We wanted to share our go-to products to allow our skin to breathe with our loose powders and avoid transfer when wearing a face mask. 




CC Perfecting Primer

Helps smooth skin texture for longevity of foundation!
Pat primer all over the face for an even base.
Loose or Pressed Rice Setting Powder
    Lock in primer with rice setting powder to fill in pores for a matte, long-lasting finish.
    Buff setting powder with a dense brush all over your face or just in the areas that tend to get extra oily.

    Our #1 best-selling foundation leaves a natural, healthy complexion. Our lightweight formula is designed to avoid breakouts and clog pores making it easy to wear under face masks.
    Customize application for a light to full buildable coverage.
    On Point Brow Pencil
      Brows accentuate the eyes-- so keep them perfectly trimmed, shaped and filled!
      Fill in sparse areas in light strokes and use the spoolie to brush brow hairs into place for full, perfect brows.
      Enhance your eyes with a few coats of mascara! Our mineral mascara helps lift and separate lashes for a thick, curly lash.
      Apply mascara at the root of the lash to build up the volume.
      Once our liquid lip cremes are set into place, apply setting powder on the lips to keep them transfer-free. It works like a charm!

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