Summer-Proof Your Makeup: Your Anti-Sweat Guide To Summer Makeup

Summer-Proof Your Makeup: Your Anti-Sweat Guide To Summer Makeup

Jun 20, 2022Carly Abelman

Break out the bikini because summer has arrived! There's a lot to feel excited about when the sun is shining, but one thing to keep in mind is that your makeup routine is going to also change. As the temperature rises and humidity swells, you should opt for weightless options with staying power. In short, it needs to not slip off your face when you sweat, while also not weighing you down! At Youngblood, we pride ourselves on high-performance mineral makeup, one of the few ultra-luxury cosmetic brands focused on using healthy ingredients without sacrificing performance.  

We're here to protect and nourish your skin and help you look flawless. So, how exactly do we achieve summer-perfect makeup? Our products are free of parabens, talc, sulfates, mineral oil, and all words you can't pronounce, like Polymethyl Methacrylate Germaben (because who wants that on their skin?). Dermatologists and plastic surgeons alike have endorsed Youngblood as one of the safest brands for cosmetic use! Keep reading to find out our summer must-haves and a handful of tips and tricks to stay fresh all summer. 

Choose the Right Moisturizer

When the summer sun beats down, it is important to use a non-greasy moisturizer. Kill two birds with one stone by choosing an ultra-lightweight moisturizer with SPF to protect you from those damaging rays. Making sure that the moisturizer is specifically non-greasy and non-comedogenic  will help keep those pores clean.

When opting for a moisturizer without SPF, Hydra Luxe Water Crème is the perfect choice! Loaded with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, and Calendula, this lightweight, hydrating, and cooling formula wears beautifully under makeup and for a boost of hydration in your nighttime skincare routine. 

Prime Your Skin For Success

Youngblood's multi-tasking CC Perfecting Primer preps skin for makeup application by smoothing texture, blurring discoloration and redness, and absorbing excess oil. This formula is enriched with peptides to improve the look of the skin by regenerating collagen production for a more youthful-looking complexion. Because it's tinted, it can also be worn by itself for that 'no-makeup' makeup look.

Set Yourself Up for Sunshine

Two words: Setting powder. Our Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder takes the guesswork out of summer makeup success because it naturally absorbs excess oil without drying out your skin- not to mention it's also 100% talc-free! If you haven’t heard, many products (even some luxury powders) contain talc. When mined, talc can be interlaced with asbestos, which is a known carcinogen when inhaled.

This is the product you use when you want your makeup to stay on all day long with an airbrush finish. That's because it eliminates shine naturally. Here's how it works: Instead of talc, we use a blend of rice starch and corn starch that is unparalleled for long-lasting wear. Corn starch helps absorb the excess oil that creeps in during the summer. In addition, we've added lemon peel extract for conditioning, cucumber extract for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, mica for a subtle sheen, silky-smooth texture, and parsley extract for balancing oil production and cleansing pores. This is truly a powerhouse powder. 

Build a Strong Foundation 

The secret to summer skincare success is building a strong foundation. Our Loose Mineral Foundation is perfect for all skin types and lasts all day, even in the hottest weather. Our satin-finish loose foundation is loaded with titanium dioxide, which offers sun protection while also allowing your skin to breathe. 

This is our best-selling product because of its versatility. It blends effortlessly with the skin, whether you are applying a light sheer layer or opting for full-coverage. It seamlessly conceals imperfections like rosacea, acne scars, melasma, and other blemishes. Plus, it's formulated with just four ingredients, none of which are harmful! You can use the product knowing it won't clog your pores or irritate your skin. These high-quality ingredients also ensure a naturally flawless finish that feels virtually weightless. Youngblood has you covered if you are looking for a natural, yet flawless airbrushed complexion.

For 25 years, dermatologists have been recommending this product. It uses only the highest quality raw materials in their most natural form. This impacts the color, finish, and performance of our foundation and how it feels on your skin. Along with the titanium dioxide, iron oxides are naturally occurring mineral deposits that provide pigment variations, and MICA offers a smooth texture while giving off a subtle sheen. 

Revitalize your eyes

Eye makeup doesn’t get along with summer heat and can cause your makeup to slip and fall into other areas on your face. Not a good look! The solution is eye primer. Our Stay Put Eye Primer takes care of the problem and is made for all skin types and made from all-natural ingredients. Primer keeps your makeup in place, with little to no slippage! Plus, ours also neutralizes any discoloration, conditions, and hydrates without drying out the skin.

Seal Your Lips

Can you keep a secret? Similar to eye makeup slippage, lip makeup is hard to manage in the summer. But, one of our favorite makeup tricks for that all-day-lasting lip is applying Stay Put Eye Primer (before putting any products on) to stop the lipstick from feathering. Then, use the Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder before applying your liner!  

Once you’ve primed, set, and applied liner to your lips, opt for a hydrating lip cream rather than a lipstick. We love our Hydrating Liquid Lip Cream. Apply a sheer, light layer and blot the excess with a tissue! This is the perfect long-lasting lip stain if you’re headed to a dinner date because you won’t have to reapply after the first (or last) bite of your meal! 

Avoid melting in the summer heat. You can look your best with all-natural Youngblood Cosmetics. Give yourself a solid foundation for the humidity and heat with a product that only uses ingredients that you can pronounce. Youngblood has you covered and is the perfect addition to any summer beauty routine. 

XO, Youngblood Cosmetics

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