The Best Makeup Tips for Fall

The Best Makeup Tips for Fall

Oct 07, 2022Rebecca Riggio

I think it's safe to say that fall is a widely beloved season. The cooler air, change of the leaves, pumpkin spice, and spooky decor are favorites for so many of us. As all you #ybbabes know, as the seasons change, so does our skin. Here’s some ways to change up your makeup routine for the fall season:

Let’s start with the base routine. Your skincare should change to reflect the change of the seasons. As we approach the cooler months it is normal for the skin to become dry, and even a little flakey. The first essential step is switching to a bit of a thicker moisturizer. As someone who has dry skin year-round, my key to hydrated and healthy skin in the colder months is using a serum under my foundation.

A simple base routine has been popular throughout the last few seasons, and it is something that is expected to continue throughout the fall. Using a correcting primer will help you use less coverage products to keep up with the light-weight look. You can also use cream and liquid products to maintain this look, and keep the skin hydrated!

One of the biggest changes usually made during the fall is the eyes. A more smokey and sultry look always becomes more popular during the spooky season. Using a dark shadow to smudge out a simple liner is arguably the easiest way to achieve this look. You can also add the shadow to your inner corner to create a small fox eye.

There are so many ways to change your look throughout the seasonal changes, these are just some of our favorites. Share your fall makeup routine tips and tricks with us on our social platforms!


Don’t forget, SPF is for year round use! Protect your skin even once the heat has passed!!


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