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How Youngblood is Redefining Clean Luxury Beauty

Jun 03, 2020Oriana Repoli

For over twenty-three years, Youngblood has created high-performing, healthy cosmetics for our loyal YB community. Youngblood evolved from a need for cosmetics formulated with clean ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and also provide the coverage and radiance of a luxury foundation. Founder and CEO Pauline Youngblood observed the empty space in this niche market and set out to use her medical esthetician background to pioneer an iconic brand of clean, luxury cosmetics.


Cult-following From Makeup Artists

Youngblood complexion products are formulated with nourishing minerals for a radiant and healthy complexion. Our products have a cult following, regarded as a makeup kit essential for artists in the brand’s native California, and all around the world. Our complexion products standout amongst the rest due to their weightless sensation and buildable coverage from light to full. Youngblood is trusted as the fundamental makeup for television, film and red carpet events, due to its unparalleled ability to camouflage skin imperfections without sacrificing the look of natural skin. Celebrity Makeup Artist Hrush Achemyan recently created a luminous, long-lasting Youngblood look for actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, for the premiere of her newest film. For a clean and natural approach to beauty, actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba turns to Youngblood for her everyday makeup routine.


Innovation Transforms Complexion

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation indulges skin in hydration and a blend of skincare quality ingredients. This foundation is so gentle and healing, that it may be applied to dehydrated, problematic or post-treatment skin. Fortified by our signature, award-winning, Deep-Sea Hydrating Complex which possesses minerals extracted from deep sea waters, that work to repair and soothe damaged or inflamed skin. We ensure the highest quality of minerals are obtained from oceans around the globe where the deep sea water is higher in purity and rich with nutrients compared to traditional ocean extracts. This complex instantly uncovers a silky-smooth, radiant complexion when the foundation is applied to skin


Core Value: Healthy Skin

Minerals from deep sea water are gentle on all skin types yet potent enough to effectively transform skin into a healthy complexion. The minerals within the deep-sea complex work by stimulating skin cell regeneration so skin appears youthful and hydrated. Skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema are instantly soothed as the healing minerals found in the complex combat inflammation by decreasing the access of inflammatory cells. Skin is continuously hydrated and its barrier is strengthened to maintain a glowing complexion.


Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation was created in seventeen shades of beautiful. When applied to normal, problematic or dehydrated skin, Youngblood’s signature deep-sea mineral complex transforms skin into a healthy complexion. Youngblood is the only cosmetic brand trusted by makeup artists to ensure their client’s skin appears flawless, regardless of their skin type or condition.

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