Affiliate Program


Application Process - Youngblood Affiliate Program  

Program Details: 

  • Commission Type: 8% of sale 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days 
  • Conversion Action: Online purchase with processed valid payment 
  • Direct links and promo codes 
  • Personalized Creatives for your Site 

How Does It Work? 
Start telling people about Youngblood Cosmetics via your website, email newsletter, blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel using your special affiliate links. You’ll receive 8% commission on every sale you send us via your affiliate links. 

How Do I Apply? 

To apply, please read our affiliate program’s Terms & Conditions (“Program Terms and Policies”) and fill out the requested information on this page:Youngblood Affiliate ProgramAffiliates typically hear back about their status within 1 week of their application date. 

What do I do once I get accepted to the program?  

Using your unique referral link to receive 8commission, we’ll know when traffic and sales are coming from you – no matter how many times you post, or about which products. We currently offer referral links and coupon codes upon request.  (Under ‘promotional methods’ please place a check-mark under Direct Link and Coupon / Value Proposition).

Does being an affiliate cost anything? Can I get kicked off the program if I don’t make a sale?

There are no penalties for no sales being made, and being a Youngblood affiliate is free! 

Do I receive free samples of your products, or do I buy them myself?  

We currently do not send out products or samples to members of our affiliate program. When you visit the site to shop, keep in mind that we don’t allow commission on personal purchases. 

Can affiliates purchase products before they launch?  

We currently do not offer products for sale before their official product launch date. 

If I no longer want to be an affiliate, what do I do?  

If you want to leave the program, please reach out to and ask to be removed from our affiliate program. Then we will disable your affiliate account and referral link and coupon code, and let you know when it’s complete! Going forward, no commissions will be paid to that account. 

Not a member? SIGN UP TODAY! Youngblood Affiliate Program.