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Sep 24, 2019Oriana Repoli

It’s safe to say that when a new beauty fad arises on social media, we need to try it. But some of these beauty guru skincare trends are often misleading and can have bad repercussions on your skin. 2018 was full of everything from painful peel-off masks, to overloading on the oils. Now this is the year of self-care, and we’re here to prescribe some healthy habits for your beauty regimen skincare routine.

1. Ditch the Parabens.

What are they? Basically a preservative to prolong the shelf life of a product. Anything starting with methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, (you get the point) is something to be avoided. Studies show these can be harmful to the body because they imitate the activity of estrogen hormones which can be correlated to breast cancer.

2. Eliminate Harsh Oils

Oils are all the rage right now, but make sure you’re using the right ones. Mineral Oil is not one you want to associate with your beauty products for your skincare routine as it is derived from petroleum and does not properly dissolve into the skin. Instead, it sits on top and smothers your pores. This leads to dehydration and acne. Always remember: Healthy looking skin starts with a healthy base. Jojoba Seed Oil penetrates beyond the surface of the skin to condition and hydrate, which is why we put it in our Mineral Primer.

3. Toss the Talc

It’s a white powdery base material used to support pigments and oils in makeup. (Think: flour used as the base to make cookie dough.) Sure, talc a “natural” substance, in that is was mined straight from the ground. But “natural” can be a bit of a fallacy, and talc can actually contain impurities that have been linked to cancer. Not to mention it can be drying, and leaves a chalky finish. Did you know? We use mica as our base instead, which sheers out and leaves a soft glow while giving all the glory to the pigments, whose color is sustained by rice starch.

4. Refrain from Fragrance

Do you smell that? Because we’re sensing some irritation and inflammation. Fragrances can be seductive with their alluring aromas, but don't be fooled. Chances are that the pleasant encounter your nose is having isn’t the same as that of your skin. So why is it in your products? Well, some people like to mask the smell of the raw materials, and some just like their products to smell good! But bottom line is your skin doesn't like it- so don't use it. Can’t go without it? Look for products with natural ingredients that smell yummy. Lavender Oil, Orange Oils, and Vanilla Oil smell pleasing, and are soothing to the skin’s surface. A few of our favorites is our Illuminator with Diamond Powder and Mineral Radiance Moisture Tint which contain a citrus, orange peel scent full of Vitamin E for the skin!



Going back to the beauty basics and making these key changes in your skincare routine can make a big long-term impact on your skins health. Our resolution? To make only the cleanest products carefully formulated and sought out for you.

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