These Are The Best Vegan Foundations Of 2021

These Are The Best Vegan Foundations Of 2021

Dec 18, 2021Chelsea Lee
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If you're a self-professed beauty junkie, we hear you: Nothing gets us more excited than a Sephora holiday sale, a new Fenty Beauty release (Rihanna does no wrong in our eyes), or a fresh YouTube upload from Manny Mua or NikkieTutorials. We keep a constant rotation of fluffy-as-can-be mascaras, have an entire lipstick wardrobe for every occasion from work days to weddings, and shimmery highlight palettes that go from slightly-dewy to a megawatt shine akin to Times Square. As you can probably expect, foundations are no exception, and we're just as obsessed with them: Sheer and light for brunch, full coverage for a night out, and even products with tons of skincare benefits like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. But finding an amazing vegan foundation is a bit trickier.

Whether you want to add more plant-based products to your makeup arsenal or are going full clean beauty and replacing your entire kit, we've found showstopping vegan foundations that are exceptionally smooth, natural, and downright-flawless. Using absolutely no honey, beeswax, insect-derived carmine for color, gelatin from cows, or even snail slime (you'd be surprised!), these foundations manage to sweep on like butter without the use of any animal products. You can feel good about making a more sustainable choice that doesn't harm animals in the process, while also being gentler on your skin. Even if you've never thought about going for a plant-derived foundation, you might never go back. Ahead, find all our favorite vegan foundations for every skin concern under the sun.

Lastly, these vegan foundations are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin

First up, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics' Liquid Mineral Foundation ($54) is a calming moisturizer in foundation form, and we're not mad about it. According to Stylecraze, this product is made for sensitive complexions that tend to dry out, imbuing skin with nourishing moisture through ingredients like calming chamomile, calendula flower, and cooling cucumber. Squalane oil is another hydrating powerhouse, while magnolia bark reduces inflammation and prevents premature aging. Grapefruit helps even out skin tone, willow bark keeps your complexion shine-free, and seawater and cactus flower are all about intense, natural hydration. While this foundation delivers gorgeous medium coverage and a multitude of skincare benefits through its "Deep-Sea Hydrating Complex," its gentle formula is tailor-made for delicate skin types.

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