13 Sweatproof Foundations If Your Face Wants to Melt Into a Puddle Right Now

13 Sweatproof Foundations If Your Face Wants to Melt Into a Puddle Right Now

Jun 28, 2023Chelsea Lee

*Successfully* wearing makeup in the hot, sweat-inducing months of summer isn't an easy feat. If you pick the wrong product formulas, it can end in disaster, and even the formulas touting 10-, 12-, or 24-hour wear still beg for a careful tread. (Sorry, but many formulas are overly ambitious with their claims.)

As someone who currently lives in L.A. and who grew up in Minnesota (where winters are cold and bone-dry while summers are hot and disgustingly humid), I feel pretty well-versed when it comes to finding the best sweat- and weather-proof makeup formulas. I also love to be outside, love to work out, and have an unfortunate habit of sweating buckets when I'm nervous. I should also mention that as a beauty editor, I'm sent about a bazillion products per week stating they'll stay on my face through all of the above. (Lies, so many lies!)

The Best Mineral Foundation

Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation

This luminous, medium-coverage foundation isn't necessarily touted as long-wearing (most mineral formulas aren't), but I've had surprising luck with it staying on my face through sweaty high-speed walks in L.A., workouts, and deadline-induced stress sweat. I love this foundation because it doesn't look or feel like you're wearing anything on your face, and the colors are so, so good. I'm obsessed. 

Customer review: "Because of different products I use for acne, I tend to have dry skin. This foundation is great because it is moisturizing and blends really well. It has about medium coverage but looks really really natural. I will definitely be buying more."

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