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  1. Skin Type

    1. Skin Type

    To assure you find the right product match, select the type that best describes your skin, based on the characteristics below.

    • img Oily

      Tends to look shiny with enlarged pores; prone to blackheads and blemishes.

    • img Dry

      Feels tight, especially after cleansing. Prone to wrinkles and flaking; darker skin tones may appear ashy or dull from a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface.

    • img Combo

      Balanced skin that has a smooth, even texture with medium pores. May be dry on the cheeks and oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin).

  2. Skin Condition

    2. Skin Condition

    Your skin's condition is defined by the visual appearance and state of your complexion.

    • Sensitive
    • Acne / Breakouts
    • Aging / Sun Damage
    • Rosacea
    • Hyperpigementation
    • Post Procedural
    • Large Pores
    • Uneven Texture
  3. Skin Undertone

    3. Skin Undertone

    Now that you've identified your complexion type, avoid ending up with another wrong shade of foundation.

    Unsure? Here’s a tip: look at the underside of your forearm. If your veins appear greener, you’re likely a warm undertone; if veins appear bluer, you’re likely a cool undertone. If you see both colors, you may have a neutral undertone with no strong cool or warm undertones.

  4. Shade Level

    4. Shade Level

    The best way to determine the depth of your skin tone  is to think about how your skin reacts when exposed to the sun.

    • Very Fair

      Pale or fair skin that burns very easily.

    • Fair

      Skin that burns relatively easily.

    • Medium

      Medium skin that tans with some redness.

    • Tan

      Olive skin that tans evenly and easily.

    • Bronze

      Light brown skin tone with a hint of yellow.

    • Dark

      Deep skin that tans quickly, or with little to no visible signs of skin darkening.

  5. Foundation Preferences

    5. Foundation Preferences

    • Sheer

      Subtle coverage with a transparent finish

    • Medium

      Natural coverage for minor imperfections

    • Full

      Completely covers imperfections

    • Luminous

      Natural radiance, skin appears slightly dewy

    • Satin

      Softly balanced

    • Matte

      Smooth, shine-free effect

    • Dewy

      Slight sheen with light reflecting properties


    Recommended based on skin type and condition

  6. Color

    6. Color

    What’s your most compatible color palette? Based on the principles of color, these simple questions will help you find the shades that suit you, your personal style and bring out your best features.

    Do you have any formula preferences?