A Note from Danielle Youngblood

As the global fear and mandatory quarantine restrictions continue, everyone is trying to find new ways to create meaningful connections, cope with isolation, deal with losing a job, stay safe, manage anxiety, and try how to feel normal during this very abnormal time.


It’s important to find activities that create an atmosphere of joy and sanity. For me, makeup and skin care have been an outlet to sustain a normal routine. For someone who deals with anxiety, maintaining a routine is essential to stay motivated. This is the perfect opportunity to take care of your skin so when this all ends, you will be glowing on your way to the outside world again!


Even when I am alone and do not want to do a full face of makeup, I still love feeling confident and beautiful. It’s important to give ourselves that little reminder sometimes. Understanding that some people don’t want to do their makeup since they are at home, using the Youngblood CC Primer can boost confidence as it blurs out imperfections and nurtures skin! The CC primers are enriched with peptides that stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers for a youthful complexion not just when wearing it, but for long term benefits. 


The Youngblood Micellar Water has also been my saving grace during this time of stress to keep my skin clean, clear of acne, and reducing redness! Infused with colloidal silver, this Micellar Water does much more than just clear your pores - its benefits include killing bacteria, boosting the immune system, and much more!


Keep up the good work and stay safe! Youngblood is always here to brighten the light in this dark time!



Danielle + YB Cosmetics